Do not pay for a credit report if you have NOT seen a property

Below is an option drop-down to pay for your required credit reports. Please choose the appropriate number of credit reports based on the total number of contributing adult applicants.

Please remember that we require an application and report for every adult that will reside in the rental property. Additionally, our credit reports are stored in a secure location for three years, per California law. We make free copies of your report available upon request for thirty days from the initial run.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

 Credit report fees are non-refundable once credit has been run. Please review our application requirements before paying for a credit report.


 • 3x Monthly Rent in Income (Gross; debt to income not to exceed 45%)
 • 640+ Credit Score
 • Combined Collections Under $1,000; not to exceed 4 collections/charge offs or 1 utility collection
 • No Check Cashing/Payday Loan/Short Term Loan Collections
 • No Evictions
 • No Foreclosure within past 2 years
 • No Bankruptcies within past 2 years (bankruptcies must be discharged)
 • No Tax or Government Liens
 • No Home-Based Businesses that have clients who come to the property *except licensed home-care/daycare
 • No co-signers
 • Renter’s insurance required

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